PT. Promincon Indonesia (PMC) for portable diamond core drilling services in Indonesia. Our commitment is to provide professional contract diamond core drilling service to our clients in the Indonesian mining and exploration industry. This has been achieved by engaging excellent, experienced and motivated personnel throughout our organization as well as manufacturing a range of portable diamond core drills and utilizing high quality drill rods, drill bits, tools, equipment and other drilling consumables.

PMC portable drills are compact and can be dismantled into numerous components for moving into drilling locations of limited access by means of helicopter or manpower. The drills can also be towed by bulldozer or excavator.

Our drillers, drill crews and field support personnel realize that core recovery is paramount and apply sound drilling methods and procedures.

Health, Safety, Environment and Drilling policies and procedures are under constant review and change by our HSE, Operations and Maintenance Managers using ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 as our reference guides.

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